How To Become a Lipstick Guru Like Kylie Jenner

I only dove into the world of lipstick around a year ago now so I am by no means an expert. I have found that shopping for lipstick is actually soooooo hard because picking the right shade for your skin can sometimes be near impossible. Sure you can put it on your hand and hope for the best, but once it’s actually on your face it sometimes looks completely different. However after a bit of trial and error I’ve learned a few tips and tricks that help me achieve the best color for my lips and now I’m going to share it here for you.

So here we go, the answer to all your lipstick questions is………..


I bet that was pretty anti-climatic for some of the beauty inclined people out there, but this is something I never thought of doing before recently. A few months ago I bought a lip shade that I thought was going to be my ~perfect nude~ (the eternal struggle), but alas it was way way too light for my skin and could never be worn as is. But of course like the hoarder I am, I still put it in my makeup organizer and dreamed of the day where I might need to use it.

Well fast forward a few months later and I get this idea in my head. What if I take some of my not so favorable lipstick color purchases and mix them together to create a color I actually like?! Brain blast!!!! (All you Jimmy Neutron fans better appreciate that). So for me, pink colors are just not my thing. I don’t know what it is but bright pinks just make my eyes cringe when I see them on my face. So, I dug around and found that old, too-light nude color and, along with my bright pink, started dabbing the two colors on my lips and then rubbing them together to make this nice calm nude-y pink color. Much, much more my speed. I started doing this with other lipsticks more and more and began to noticed that almost every time I mixed colors together myself I would be approached by someone asking me what color my lipstick was and where they could get it. *Cue my beauty guru self flipping her hair in the wind as she proclaims that she mixed the color herself*.

It’s now gotten to the point where I rarely ever just wear a color as it is. So my suggestion to you all is to find a light nude/dark nude that you would never wear by itself and start experimenting. You never know, one day you might have a billion dollar makeup company.

From me for you,


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