Any of my Game of Thrones fans out there probably know that in the season premiere Ed Sheeran made a nice little cameo appearance. For me this was huge. I was just casually sitting on my couch watching my Arya gallop along to go get her much deserve revenge on every horrible person who killed her family and suddenly I hear the sweet sound of a redheaded man singing.

Of course when they showed that it was Ed Sheeran I screamed at my tv “IS THAT ED SHEERAN!” while watching in adoration for the next 5 minutes of his screen time. (I am especially obsessed with him right now because I just saw him in concert in Philly and it was the most amazing thing I’ve ever witnessed in my lifeso that should also explain this post)

Anyway, apparently my excited reaction was not the reaction of most GoT fans, who subsequently went on to badger and abuse poor Ed on twitter about his presence on the show to the point that he DELETED HIS ENTIRE TWITTER ACCOUNT.

Excuse me people but were we not taught that cyber-bullying is not okay?! He’s just an innocent man who wanted to pretend he lives in the GoT world for a few minutes and ya’ll can’t even let him enjoy it!! And yaknow what, I’m pretty sure that if any of YOU were given the opportunity to be in the show YOU WOULD TOO and you would hope that a bunch of people wouldn’t comment about how it ~broke them out of the fantasy world they were so entrenched in~.

(……….are you serious, be a just a little more GoT snobby pls it’s not hurting my brain or anything)

He literally spoke like three, two-word lines and it offended you all so much that you needed to break his spirit and stop all of us good people from seeing updates about his life?!!?

I mean he already doesn’t post on Instagram or even have a phone, and now you want to remove him from the whole social media world altogether?!

(I must also say that I read an article about this twitter deletion where the girl writing it said that she doesn’t like his music, but that his most recent album showed a lot of “potential” and “some talent”. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! The most famous male artist in the entire world only has POTENTIAL. Let’s ignore all the awards he’s won and countless albums he’s sold because “Alexa” doesn’t think he has any talent. Lord bless. (Sorry “Alexa” but I think you need to use your brain before you post on the internet anymore.)

So you know what, after all of this I’m going to channel my inner Chris Crocker and say LEAVE ED SHEERAN ALONE !!!! (Sorry Britney but today just isn’t your day)

From me for you,


*The dramatics were for special effect*

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