Why Guys Aren’t Attracted to You

A few weeks ago I published a post titled “Why Girls Aren’t Attracted to You” and surprisingly, it was a huge hit…..with all the women. When I originally wrote it, I thought I would get a little more of a response from all the men out there, but instead they chose to keep quiet. Now I can’t say that there weren’t any guys out there who read my post, because I’m sure (I hope) there were, but I thought that maybe flipping the tables a little bit would help all the humans out there with Y chromosomes engage just a little bit more (honestly, I’m probably expecting way too much from them; classic girl problems).

So here it is. Drum-roll please…….


Now, we can all assume at this point that I have no idea what the answer to this is. I mean, I have my theories of course, but at the end of the day my lack of male genetics pretty much makes it impossible for me to understand the male mind (I picture it like a sad little desert in there). Not only that, but I haven’t been in a long term relationship since…..ever. SO my expertise is clearly not helpful in this situation because I’m probably just doing everything wrong too.

So to overcome this issue, I enlisted the help of some of the oh so lovely guys in my own life. I asked them the simple question “Why would you not be attracted to a girl in a general OR relationship sense?” and here, my loving readers, is their response:

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any inappropriate words that may crop up in these responses, these are direct quotes.

Male 1, Age 23 –Lack of motivation. There’s nothing worse than having a female that just wants money but doesn’t work. Also smell. When guys see girls we think about a few things instantaneously, and smell is one of them. I guarantee you, if you are wearing just a hint of perfume, it could change the game.”

Male 2, Age 21 –“The first that comes to mind is past experiences, guys might not want to commit to a relationship due to previous relationships not working out so they are afraid that history will repeat itself. Another reason is he may be into you but not enough to date you”

Male 3, Age 22 – “Well there is a difference between when a girl is having a good time with friends drinking compared to being like super messed up. I don’t find that attractive because its just messy.”

Male 4, Age 22 –Being unsupportive is big. Cause if I’m afraid every time I open my mouth to say something [because] a girl’s going to spend the next hour sh*tting on me, I would rather not say anything. Also actively hating dogs, being embarrassingly awful to people. Oh being a social justice warrior. Being rude to my friends or family for no reason or too early in our relationship for no reason. Being a Cowboys, Eagles, Redskins, Miss State, Alabama, or Patriots fan or someone who doesn’t think Crosby is a douche.”

Male 5, Age 21 – “Well you can’t date a girl that’s f**ked your friends”

Male 6, Age 20 – I hate when girls don’t know what they want to eat. I also don’t like how women lie so much but cry about honesty. Or when ya’ll not hungry but still eat our food when we asked do you want anything.”

Male 7, Age 20 – “One thing I find difficult to get over…is a girl that never knows what she wants to do. Like I’d ask where she wanted to go to dinner or if there was anything she wanted to do with me and the answer would always be ‘I don’t know’, and like I know its expected for the guy to plan stuff or whatever, but having confidence to make your input known is pretty cool. I guess it kind of leads back to the confidence thing. I can’t stand girls who can’t make decisions about simple activities.

Male 8, Age 21 – “I think confidence has a lot to do with it. Just confident looking, so smiling, clean enough looking (not sloppy), and then from there it’s kinda guy’s types”

Male 9, Age 21 – “I personally am not attracted to a girl that makes herself too available. Half the fun is the chase”

I would shout EUREKA! but I’m alone at my computer typing this so that would just be weird. I guess one thing we can boil all this down to is that there really is no single reason why boys aren’t attracted to you. But hey, absorb all the info for what it is folks, these boys had to use a lot of brain power to come up with it.

From me for you,


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