30 Things You Should Do Before You Graduate College

I’m now just a short few weeks away from entering my senior year of college. So as you can guess I’m feeling a mixture of excitement/sadness/fear/exhaustion/celebration/anxiety/everything all at once. But in order to prepare myself for this year, and looking back on all the ~wisdom~ I’ve gained now that I am the top of the food chain (lol, more like I’m washed up), I decided to make this list for all of you so that we can all be prepared to experience everything possible in this last short year of school.

  1. Eat at restaurants in your town that you never have before.
  2. Attend a workout class.
  3. Join a random club.
  4. Study somewhere you usually don’t.
  5. Skip an entire day of classes just because.
  6. Go to a sporting event you’ve never gone to.
  7. Have lunch with your favorite professor.
  8. Institute Wine Wednesdays.
  9. Eat that thing in the dining hall that you never eat.
  10. Look through the books in the library for fun and not because you have to.
  11. Got to your campus’s art museum.
  12. Live in a single room.
  13. Go streaking.
  14. Vlog a regular day in your life.
  15. Go to your professor’s office hours.
  16. Take a class outside of your major.
  17. Kiss someone you’ve always wanted to kiss.
  18. Go out on a night when you’d rather stay in.
  19. Pull an all-nighter sans studying.
  20. Talk to someone that you never have.
  21. Go on a week long bender.
  22. Do that thing on your campus that you know you’re not supposed to do. (Every school has one).
  23. Walk around the town on a nice day.
  24. Tell that person you hate that you hate them.
  25. Buy yourself a giant sweatshirt or tshirt so that it’ll still fit when you’re old and fat.
  26. Sit in the dining hall for an entire day.
  27. Order takeout from all your favorite restaurants on the same night.
  28. Do something only townies do.
  29. Do a bar crawl with your best friends.
  30. Burn all of your books, homework, exams, etc.

Might as well get started now.

From me for you,


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