Happy Birthday to My Roommate: Part 1

It’s not everyday that you meet two awesome people to call your best friends and spend everyday of your life with. It’s even rarer that these two people have their 19th birthdays back to back. Well luckily for me I was blessed with a Starr and a Kelli, so I figured I would take this time (since it is indeed their birthdays) to tell you all how great they truly are.


Thank you for being my exact clone. Seriously though I had never met someone as similar to me until I met you. I couldn’t pick a better person to rant to about my emotional life than you because there’s no one out there who gets it quite like you do. We’re living identical lives (….maybe because we spend 90% of our day together). Which brings me to the next thing. Thanks for always being there when I come home, for taking extra time in the shower just so you can talk to me because you know I take wayyy longer than you do, for having dance parties with me whenever the time is right, for singing Spanish music with me, and for always being down for robe snuggles. I love the fact that we can sit in our room in complete silence for hours without it seeming even close to weird.

I honestly think you are one of the most loyal people I’ve ever met. You’re such a good friend because you always listen to me, even if I’m saying the same things I’ve said a million times before. You always come through for me when I’m at those low points and I love you for that. I wouldn’t want to share my closet or thoughts with anyone else. Thank you for being the best picture posing partner in the world (hence why you are the only person I ever have pictures with). You’ve really upped my Instagram game (lol). Thanks for loving weird, obscure, dramatic Netflix movies as much as I do, and for always watching them with me late at night.

Thank you for convincing me to do AOII even though I protested against it for so long. Honestly it was the best decision I made this semester and it wouldn’t have occurred without you. I really think that being sisters has made us so much closer and I hate to think what would’ve happened had we not joined together. You’re the best panda pal a girl could ask for.

Finally I’d like to say sorry. I’m sorry for being noisy and waking you up, for turning the light on when you’re sleeping, for shedding hair literally everywhere in our room, for convincing you to skip the gym with me, and for being brutally honest at times when I should just give you love and cuddles. I promise to work on being better to you in these areas (lol I’ll try).

I can’t wait to see what the next few years has in store for us! Thanks for being the second half to our power couple Kel.

I love you so so much Kelli Rubin, thanks for being the best roommate ever!

From me for you,


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