14 Reasons Why You Should Not Cry in Frat Staircases

1.They’re dirty.

2.It’s a public place, people will walk by.

3.Every drunk girl that passes you will look at you with concern and ask you if you need their help.

4.You’ll have to tell every one of these girls no and that you’re “fine”.

5.The person that you’re crying about/to will look as if he’s been just hit with a train of emotion that he wasn’t ready for.

6.The lighting isn’t flattering.

7.Your date will send you multiple concerned texts asking where you disappeared to.

8.The date of the person you’re crying about/to will be concerned about where he went.

9.You’ll miss out on prime dancing opportunities.

10.You’ll have to address the fact that you really are just as dramatic as everyone says.

11.You’ll become “that girl” that cried at formal (there’s always one).

12.The person you’re crying about/to will look like a complete jerk as all of his friends walk by and assume that he is the source of your tears. (Which he is, but still).

13.You’ll have to text the person you cried about/to in the morning to make sure that he knows that you don’t hate him and that you’re not crazy.

14.You’re not a cute crier.

Take my advice.

From me for you,



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