The College Library Struggle

I’m currently blogging from the library. Whaaaaaaat? I know. Anyone who knows me knows that I never set foot in the library. I much prefer to do my homework in the warm comfort of my bed (maybe because it’s easier to procrastinate? Maybe because I hate walking in the cold? Maybe because I’m just lazy?). But alas, it’s finals weeks which means it’s time for me to be that girl.

Yes, I’m that girl. The girl that all the regular year-round library goers hate. The person that only comes around during finals week to take up valuable desks and tables for hours on end that are usually open for all the good regular library attending people. I apologize if you hate me. I would hate me too.

But my adventures in the library these past two days have led me to realize why I never actually came to the library in the first place, but also why I should more often. So I figured I’d break the library struggle down for all of you (because I hope you can relate and also because I’m avoiding writing my Shakespeare paper).

1.I can never find a seat.

This is the absolute worst. So yes being that I only visit the library during finals week means that the place is a mad house. Finding a table is next to impossible if you haven’t arrived at 10 AM to claim one. I had to walk four floors last night to find a seat at 6:30 PM. Surprise, surprise there was not a seat to be had so I abandoned ship to find a random empty classroom in an academic building (and there were barely any that weren’t occupied). The library is a turf war folks and if you’re not there to claim your spot early enough then you’re just out of luck.

2.Sports teams/friend groups/sorority sisters/fraternity brothers

Not only is finding a seat next to impossible but it’s even more difficult if you are on your own. As I wander around and pray for a seat I get more and more annoyed when I see all the before mentioned groups sitting together. It’s like one person came at 8 AM and stole the coveted study room on the second floor and then texted all of their friends to let them know that they can cycle through whenever they want throughout the day (leaving friendless people like me with no where to go). As long as there is one person in said room or at said table then it’s claimed for the day. More often than not when one person in this group leaves there is one followed right behind to fill the place. Making it once again impossible to find a prime spot to study in.

3.When you finally find a seat.

Today I was lucky enough to tag onto a table that my lovely friend Kelly Saffery had claimed early in the morning (she’s sitting across from me right now….hey Kel). So as I’ve been sitting here all day I’ve noticed the steady flow of people who walk by with sad, concerned faces over not finding a table. I’ve watched them sigh in annoyance and grunt over their bad luck. And as much as it sucks to be in that spot (obviously I know), when you’re not in it you just feel like a 100% badass. Like yes, I won this battle, I got to this table before you did and I’m not leaving for the whole day so ha ha. (You actually can’t leave or your spot will 100% be taken). It’s evil but oh so satisfying.

4. Sitting up when you do your homework makes you 2000x more productive

This is a sad one because, like I said, I’m a bed studier. I lay down when I do my work, I take nap breaks, I get cozy, it’s great. But it’s also terrible because it’s way less productive. In the library you’re kind of forced to do your work. First of all, it’s too quiet in the library to distract yourself with conversation (plus the hardcore people will give you annoyed looks if you are too loud). Secondly, sitting upright and spreading all your things out just makes you feel like you have your life together. When I feel that way I suddenly find myself making lists, planning my workload, actually doing my work (whaaaaat????). I felt so inspired and productive by my library atmosphere that I wrote this blog post! (Which admittedly is not my homework, but I tend to avoid writing these out of laziness so it’s still a step in the right direction). If I had done this library thing all semester who knows where I would be?! (Probably a lot further behind on my tv shows honestly….)

So there you go, that’s my little library rant. I should probably get back to work now. (Also I’m now that girl who is taking up a four person table by herself because Kelly just left me…….sorry library people).

Here’s a final goodluck to all the final takers out there. We can do it *insert muscle emoji* !

From me for you,



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