Cheers to Mobility!

That’s right everyone, I’ve been walking around like a normal human for about a week now and I couldn’t be more happy. Gone are the days of limping around and back and blue toes (okay they’re still a little purple, but hey, I’ve made progress). For those of you who don’t know, I was in a little boot/shoe to support my foot when walking but the annoyance of it (and to be honest the horrible smell it acquired) pushed me to move back to normal shoes. All my abandoned left shoes are very happy to be back in their rightful place on my foot.

In other current life news……not too much good to report. My friends and I have had a rough couple of days (there have been tears from at least one of the three of us consistently since Sunday) and it’s all because things are changing. We’re realizing that maybe we don’t want to do what we thought we wanted to do academically, we’re feeling the strain of recent unfortunate events on our friendship, and boys are just making everything harder (…’s always boys). The three of us all decided to figure out our entire lives in the span of three days……..but in the midst of the chaos we’ve really been trying to pull together as best as we can. Every set of tears has been followed quickly behind by hugs and cuddles. What more can you ask for in times of stress than someone that will cuddle you and understand that you’re an ugly crier?

In regards to my roomie life, I couldn’t be more happy. I was blessed with the two best roomies ever (shoutout Starr and Kelli). Having two roommates is honestly even better than having one because you constantly have a friend right next to you to dance party with or use as an excuse to avoid your homework. It’s like one giant sleepover between the three of us, and though we we’re good friends before, I can already feel our roomieship bonding us even closer. I mean, once you see eachother naked there’s no going back.

So, in summary, life is weird. I can’t say it’s necessarily good or bad right now (because honestly there’s been a lot of bad lately) but it’s definitely life and it’s definitely weird. Adjusting is a part of life, and right now I’m doing a hell of a lot of adjusting.

So stay tuned for what’s to happen, because honestly I have no idea what it will be.

From me for you,


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