My Little Corner of the World

Officially blogging from my bed in my new room (super stoked about this)! I spent hours yesterday unpacking and unloading things (silently cursing myself for having so many shirts/dresses to hang up) and setting up my room exactly how I wanted it, and now it’s finally done! For those of you who don’t know I’m living in a triple this year (shoutout my roomies Kelli and Starr) in the theme house my friends and I created. It’s basically this giant, old brick house that we are super excited to be living in (one because it has a kitchen, two because we have no supervision, and three because there’s 25 of us living together). Basically it’s an ideal living situation.


So the basic story of how my friends and I were able to live in such an awesome house goes like this: Myself and nine of my friends applied to live in a Theme House (houses that change on campus every year based on the groups that apply and work under a specific theme to help improve the community or support a cause or organization), we applied under the name of Education House. A few weeks later we found out that we got a house! We we’re going to be living on the second and third floor of one of the Spark Houses on campus (a permanent house on campus that always retains the same idea or theme, new members can come live every year under that theme). We didn’t love this situation because we didn’t have our own house or our own common space to share. We talked to Res Life and they let us know that they were so impressed with our application and presentation that they were considering making us a Spark House and thereby giving us our own house to live in and making us a permanent feature on campus for other students to live in for years to come (we we’re super flattered by this). A few weeks later they let us know that we would be taking the place of one of the previous Spark Houses and be living in the house that obviously you’ve seen in the picture above. This now meant that we had 25 beds to fill, which we gladly did with a bunch of our friends.


So now I’m here! I got to move in a week early because me and my friends are helping the club CHEERS do some informational skits during orientation about safe drinking and sexual assault prevention. The house is about half full so far because some of us are here for orientation and others play sports and have preseason. I wanted decorating my room to be pretty easy so I basically decided that I wanted to hang a tapestry. This way I could cover as much wall space as possible without having to bring and hang a bunch of posters (I hated all the white wall space in my room last year). I had the lights already so I strung them up around the tapestry (the regular lighting is so harsh and ugly that alternate lighting is almost required). Besides that I pretty much brought back the same comforter and pillows that I had last year.


My desk is pretty simple. I brought back the framed pictures of my sister and Kelsey and hung up some new ones on the bulletin boards that I brought back with me from last year. The thing I’m most excited about is my printer because now I don’t have to go to the library or mooch off my friends to print (thank god, I highly suggest that all college students have a printer in their room cause it’s just a pain if you don’t).

unnamed (1)

So that’s basically it! It’s simple, but I like things that way. I’m so excited to get this year started and see all of my friends as they come back (I still can’t believe that I’m already into my sophomore year, like what???). I plan to spend a lot of time in my cozy little corner of the house!

From me for you,


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